Dr Lesley van Schoubroeck – Queensland Mental Health Commissioner

Lesley van Schoubroeck

Queensland Mental Health Commissioner | Conference Partner

Dr Lesley van Schoubroeck, Queensland’s first Mental Health Commissioner, was appointed in 2013 to drive reform in Queensland’s mental health and drug and alcohol systems.

Under Lesley’s tenure, the Commission developed the Queensland Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol Strategic Plan 2014-2019, delivering a new vision for mental health and wellbeing in Queensland; and presented a comprehensive case for system reform under the review of the Queensland Mental Health Act 2000.

Previously, Lesley was the Director of Organisational Reform in Western Australia’s Mental Health Commission where she led system wide reform. She built an excellent reputation for bringing together diverse stakeholder views to solve complex social policy issues, turning actions into positive outcomes. She has extensive public sector experience in education, training, child protection and justice and a PhD from Griffith University.

Raised on the Darling Downs, Lesley was a teacher there prior to moving to WA.