Mr Murray Saylor

Murray Saylor

Managing Director, Tagai Management Consultants

Murray Saylor is the founder and Managing Director of Tagai  Management  Consultants a  dynamic Indigenous management  consultancy  team with  intimate  knowledge  of  supply  chain  and procurement  processes,  Indigenous  community  development,  stakeholder  engagement  and  change  management  processes  to increase revenue  growth, operational  efficiency,  and overall  profitability  within Australia and the Asia/Pacific  region.

Murray is of Torres Strait Islander descent whose family originates from Darnley Island (Erub), Queensland located in the Eastern cluster of the Torres Strait. Murray has worked for over 20 years within strategic and operational roles within the public and private sector.

Murray was awarded a Bachelor of Business from James Cook University and has lead State and Federal Government strategic policy and program initiatives, including working hand in hand with remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait communities. Murray was presented with an award in recognition of excellence in Community Engagement by the Queensland Department of Housing Director-General.