Professor David Crompton


Executive Director, Addiction and Mental Health Services Metro South Health | Professor, Griffith University

Professor David Crompton was awarded an Order of Australia (OAM) for development of community based mental health services for veterans, and the development of community Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and anxiety and substance abuse treatment services.

Professor Crompton worked in private practice as a rural general practitioner prior to commencing psychiatry training and spent 12 years in private psychiatry practice.

Professor Crompton has subsequently held leadership roles in Queensland Health and New South Wales Health Mental Health Services.

Research interests include:

  • impact of disasters on psychological and physical health in Queensland
  • treatment PTSD and anxiety
  • clinical redesign
  • recovery orientated addiction and mental health care
  • health economics
  • suicide
  • Imaging PTSD – 3D spectroscopy and use of Radiomics for PTSD Management
  • Microanatomy of memory and stress – novel use of pharmacological agents to prevent fear memories

Professor Crompton contributes to a significant number of organisations/committees. His roles include and have included:

  • Chair Southern Queensland Mental Health Clinical Cluster (Queensland Health)
  • Chair Centre Neuroscience Recovery and Mental Health
  • Australian Council on Health Standards (ACHS) surveyor
  • Member of Australian Expert Advisory Disaster Committee and Queensland Health Psychosocial Disaster Committee
  • Member of Centre of Excellence in Relapse Prevention
  • Project lead for the activate: mind & body initiative
  • Head of Centre Trauma, Loss and Disaster Recovery
  • Board member for Stepping Stones Clubhouse
  • Clinical Consultant, Translational Research Institute