Dr Manaan Kar Ray – United Kingdom

Manaan Kar Ray

Dr Manaan Kar Ray is Clinical Director for Adult Mental Health in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust. He trained as a Psychiatrist in Oxford and works as a Consultant in Cambridge. Changing the power balance between patients and professionals is close to his heart. He co-founded PROMISE (PROactive Management of Integrated Service and Environments), an award winning international alliance to eliminate reliance on force and coercion in mental health services (www.promise.global). Over the years he has led many innovative projects with recovery ethos at their heart. These have included radical redesign of mental health care pathways like 333 acute care delivery, 24-7 crisis services, transformation of community based care, establishing PRISM (PRImary care Service for Mental health). To align organisations worldwide to an agenda of force free mental healthcare, he has set up the Cape Town PROMISE due be signed in November 2016 at the World Psychiatric Congress. For patients and professionals alike, he has brought passion to purpose and progress to practice.