Professional Practice Academy



The Professional Practice Academy (PPA) provides a unique opportunity to grow and manage workforce transition and development for the Disability, Aged Care and Community Services Sectors by offering leading solutions in these rapidly evolving sectors.

Together with industry, PPA have created the benchmark measure for quality and service at all levels of employment, building pathways to excellence for people, providers and consumers.

Benefits of PPA

  • Allows workers and businesses to access compliance, insurance and other services fit for the sector
  • Uses world first attributional tools to identify the right workers
  • Provides an online hub for workers and clients
  • Develops tailored learning pathways for workers and peers
  • Aggregates community learning programs and enables NFPs to commercialise their offerings
  • Provides a community of practice platform to facilitate alliances across the sector and drive quality improvement


P: 1300-Practicce (1300-772-284)


Visit the Professional Practice Academy website HERE!