The Estate of the Late Betty Davies

The 2016 AsPac Conference acknowledges the generous bequest from the Estate of the late Betty Davies, together with her invaluable contribution to the mental health sector.

Betty grew up in an era where people thought of family and those who were not able to look out for themselves. She acknowledged the care and consideration given to her by her parents, grandparents and extended family and so thought to emulate this kindness.

During her nursing career and life in various situations, some overseas, she was exposed to the need that some have above others.

When she realised she was in a position to be able to help, she selected the charities she felt very strongly about. A great deal of thought and care into these selections enabled her wishes to be fulfilled after her death, with these charities being able to continue their excellent work.

Betty would be quietly pleased to know that her generosity has been much appreciated.